SSC – Wisconsin Launches Child Mental Health Study Grant Program

Children’s mental health is a serious issue of public health concern that has been largely ignored.  A national surveillance conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) from 1994-2011 on the mental health in children shows that about 13% to 20% of children in the United States experience mental and behavioral health disorders in a given year.  This is an important public health issues, which if not addressed appropriately and early on will have more severe consequences later on.  The sad reality is that currently, suicide is amongst the most common causes of death in children 12-17 year-old in the United States.

To address this societal challenge, SSC – Wisconsin has launched a program to provide small grants to support individuals who pursue an education to develop careers which would ultimately support the mental health development of children and youth. These small grants are intended to cover either a portion of the tuition or the cost of books for one term and is paid directly to the applicant. They are meant for individuals who lack appropriate funding to support their education.

To learn more about the grant program, CLICK HERE.