Featured Projects

Sufi Service Center has projects in several countries worldwide. Our focus is on providing service to those in need. In our communities there are people that are in need of food, clothing and other forms of assistance. In some cases SSC also provides support in the form of volunteering to support events and education. Finally, SSC also provides capacity building activities including grant-writing and technical assistance.

Health Care in Cote d’Ivoire

SSC and its sponsors, including the Google Foundation and the NGO Fuel For Change, provide financial support to the Fondation Dr Javad Nurbakhsh. This support goes toward the development of its welfare and community service program targeting the most disadvantaged patients and their families, including hundreds of children, and also to the modernization of its health center and purchase of medical equipment.

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Boston Clothing and Meals

With a team of 80 volunteers, the SSC in Boston sorts and organizes clothes for homeless children, women and men. Additionally, SSC serves meals at a local homeless shelter and collects unsold food from major supermarkets, bakeries and individual donors–delivering them to pantries where low income residents can enjoy them.

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Santa Fe Indigenous Center

From 2016 to 2019, the SSC helped the Santa Fe Indigenous center to obtain space and provided grant support which paid for rent and salary of an administrator so they can grow enough and be self-supporting. Our volunteers also participated in activities of the center.

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