SSC's primary focus in Canada is assisting women in need through direct volunteer work and support provided to small organizations working with vulnerable communities. Most of our work is concentrated in Montreal region.

Primary Contact for Country Activities
Ehsan Norouzian 
Email: info@sufi-house.com

Canada Placeholder

Featured Project: Serving Meals at Chez Doris Shelter for Women in Need

Year started: 2010

Geographic focus: Montreal, Canada

Areas of focus: Providing food for women in need

Brief description of current activities: SSC provided direct support to the Chez Doris shelter serving meals to the population of women in need in the Montreal area.  Chez Doris’ vision is to provide a safe and confidential place for women in need during the day including meals, respite, clothing, socio-recreational activities as well as practical assistance in a secure and accepting environment.