SSC has several ongoing projects within the United States including Boston, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, New York City, Wisconsin and until recently Santa Fe. Future projects are planned in Washington, DC.

Primary Contact for Country Activities
Mojgan Watson
Email: mojganeh@mac.com 

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United States

Featured Project: Food and clothes program for people in need in Boston, New England

Year started: 2008

Geographic focus: Boston, NE - USA

Brief description of current activities: The SSC Boston has 2 programs that include a team of about 80 volunteers dedicated to helping those who are economically marginalised:

  • A food program with many weekly and, at times daily, events to serve whole meals, sandwiches, bottles of water at homeless shelters and also distributes nonperishables food to low-income families.
  • A clothing program in which volunteers sort, fold and organize quality clothing for persons in need.

The volunteers are organized in teams of 3 to 21 people depending on the event.

Women constitute 40% of the beneficiaries and 60% are men. About 70% are mid-aged and 30% are teenagers or seniors.

Budget and support: We fundraise locally among our members and volunteers as well as receiving donations from the company Noor Oriental Rugs and its customers.

Our current needs:Our goal is to recruit more volunteers so that we can increase the actions of our food and clothing programs. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Our ambition is to get more volunteers involved so we can increase the events and actions of our food and clothes programs. So don’t hesitate to contact us!

Contact for our activities and projects in Boston, New England:  

Mo Noor sufiserviceboston@gmail.com   

84 Pembroke Street Boston, MA 02118.

For more information: http://nimatullahisufiboston.org/sufi-service-committee-of-boston/

Featured Project: New York City – Meals for those who are too sick to cook for themselves, homeless and people in need

Year started: 2011 until 2020 (on stand by temporally due to the Covid pandemic)

Geographic focus: New York City, NY, USA

Areas of focus: Nutritious lunch for people in need

Brief description of current activities: The SSC NYC volunteers provide help to 2 local NGOs.

  • Once per month SSC volunteers purchase ingredients and prepare nutritious lunch bags for 65 beneficiaries of the Xavier Mission meal program as well as monthly helping. with the hot meal service there.

The Xavier Mission’s “Welcome Table” opens every Sunday, a day when most other soup kitchens in NYC are closed. An average of 1,300 hot meals are served weekly. Xavier Mission also provides their guests with assistance in obtaining government benefits and birth certificates, free chiropractic treatments, legal referrals, health screenings, and other valuable services.

For more information: https://xaviermission.org/

  • Once every 2 months the members of NYC SSC help at the NGO God’s Love We Deliver’  Under the guidance of their on-staff chefs, tasks may include packaging meals, chopping onions, making meatballs, ladling soup, peeling potatoes, scooping baked goods, or preparing fresh herbs.

God’s Love We Deliver prepares and home-delivers healthful, medically tailored meals for ill persons unable to shop or cook for themselves. God’s Love is a non-sectarian organization serving people in need and their children and caregivers. All services are provided free to clients and with love.

For more information:https://www.glwd.org/

Budget:  Our team fundraises among our NYC members for a yearly budget of $1,500 for the 65-monthly lunch bags we prepare.

Coming projects:  We ask for your help and support as we strive to restart our activities paused during the pandemic.

We would like to increase our budget for the lunch bags and also the number of volunteers. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact for our activities and projects in New York City: Jawid Mojaddedi


Featured Project: Wisconsin - Supporting Professional Training in Child Mental Health

Year started: 2017

Geographic focus: Wisconsin, USA

Areas of focus: Providing small grants to students whose goal is to help children with developmental delays

Brief description of current activities:

Our team in Wisconsin provides small grants to support individuals who pursue an education to develop careers which would ultimately support the mental health of children and youth. These small grants cover either a portion of the tuition or the cost of books for one term and are paid directly to the applicant.

We can also provide professional development services including training workshops, and consultation for teachers, social workers, health providers, special educators, and other professionals who work with special needs children and those who display signs of behavioral and emotional health issues.

Budget and grants provided:

10 grants have been given in 2018/2019 for a total amount of $5,000.

Special Education, Social Work or Psychology students enrolled in a two- or four-year college in good standing and demonstrated financial need. We give preference to students in Wisconsin or Illinois.

In 2020, we decided to support various COVID 19 relief funds.

SSC is on the approved list of organization supported by the company Baxter Healthcare. Baxter provides matching funds to any donations made by its employees to our project.

For more information about the Child Mental Health Study Grant, CLICK HERE.

Our goal for 2021 and 2022:

With your help we would like to increase our contributions so more students can be sponsored and more workshops can be provided.

Contact for Wisconsin project:

Ali Jamnia, sufi@wi.rr.com

Featured Project: Santa Fe Indigenous Center

Year started: 2016-2019

Geographic focus: Santa Fe, NM

Areas of focus: Education, Community Support, Logistics and Infrastructure

Brief description of current activities: SSC has partnered with the Santa Fe Indigenous Center (SFIC) to open and staff a new office, and to support new programs for Native Americans in Santa Fe County. The SFIC sponsors and co-sponsors gatherings, serves as a resource center for those seeking special services and helps families and individuals in crisis. SFIC has assisted with educational, medical and funeral expenses, rent and food monies, auto repairs, clothing and shoes and more.

The Santa Fe Indigenous Center (SFIC) new office is located at 1420 Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe in February 2017, with Caren Gala (Nambe Pueblo) as acting director. https://santafeindigenouscenter.org/

SSC sponsorship: With its donors and through fundraising events, the SSC was able and happy to give grants totaling $40848 from 2016 to 2019.

2 to 6 SSC volunteers worked at SFIC supporting programs for Native American children and youth. There were approximately 20 children in programs at that time; other social services provided by SFIC for their community benefited several hundred families.

The SSC worked in partnership with the New Mexico Community Foundation on this project.